Public education is how we help prepare Detroit children for a brighter future. We must work together to ensure that every child can attend a safe, healthy and welcoming neighborhood public school, where students and educators are well supported and respected. It's time to do what's right for our students, their schools and their communities. Stand with us in our fight for Detroit children.

Educators, parents deliver community-driven education platform to DPS

A group of about 35 teachers, parents and community activists gathered at the Fisher Building Monday afternoon to present Detroit Public Schools Transition Manager Judge Steven Rhodes with “The Public Schools All Detroit Children Deserve,” a platform document that outlines a community-driven vision for public education. You can read the community platform here in English, or Spanish.


Stand with us

Detroit teachers stand together and call on the community to join them in fighting for the future of Detroit kids.

Donny Gardner is fighting for his classroom

Donny Gardner is a special education teacher in Detroit Public Schools. His classroom is under pressure due to large class sizes and underfunding. It's time to give him the support he needs to ensure his students get the best education.

Mitzi goes above and beyond

Mitzi Davis has been a teacher in Detroit Public Schools for 17 years. Despite taking pay cut after pay cut, she is willing to use her own savings to ensure her students don’t slip through the cracks. Our students and educators deserve more.